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Biology student, figure skater, fuzzy animal and music lover. I write hubs about a wide variety of topics that people are searching for as well as some personal experiences and opinions. Feel free to tell a friend or send links. Please do not plagarize in any way.

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    Three Things To Check Before Getting Serious With A Potential Love

    3 months ago

    Are you truly compatible with your potential love and are they truly compatible with you? Check out these three important things before committing.

  • 23

    Too Short Dresses And Skirts- The Equivalent Of Wearing A Tee

    6 months ago

    Her dress is too short. You've seen them out and about or you may be one of them. If it's you, let me talk you down. There are some dresses and skirts that are simply too short!

  • 13

    Make Yourself More Valuable At Work

    6 months ago

    Remaining employed, getting raises, perks, and promotions do not occur to those who leave things to chance. If you want to get ahead, work like you mean it.

  • 5

    Diet And Weight Loss Fallacies To Avoid

    11 months ago

    Heart, kidney, and liver damage. Losing weight to gain it back with more. These are not the results of healthy and informed weight loss efforts. Don't be one of many who suffer these problems.

  • 8

    The Eureka 5400 Sucks - A Vacum Review

    6 months ago

    High hopes lead to disappointment. Often price and name may be used to assume better or lower quality. Here's to reading up about other user's experience prior to purchasing regardless of either.

  • 8

    Why Did So Many Young Black People Act Stupid In Virginia Beach?

    14 months ago

    Disrespecting themselves and others. Loitering, public swearing, gunfire, fighting, etc. Not every black youth acts in this manner but of those that do, they do no justice for themselves or others.

  • 23

    Three Reasons Not To Go To The Movies

    23 months ago

    Rude patrons inside theaters, indifferent staff, high prices, and better options such as Netflix and Amazon are playing a larger role in the entertainment choices for many people.

  • 8

    Shea Moisture All Natural Hair Care Products

    16 months ago

    There are a variety of Shea Moisture all natural hair care products for all hair types. Find out more about the Curl Enhancing Smoothie and the Curling Souffle here.

  • 26

    Dumb Things People Do With Money

    6 months ago

    Do you loan money to friends that don't repay or do you live check to check? Avoid these common pitfalls so you can live today without sacrificing your tomorrow.

  • 27

    How To Avoid People Who Throw Themselves At You

    3 months ago

    They want something from you or they simply want you. Problem is, you want nothing to do with them. Learn how to avoid these types or repel them...fast.

  • 4

    How To Stop In Ice Skates

    6 months ago

    Learn how to stop in ice skates safely with full details and video. These stops are also used in roller and pic skates.

  • 2

    Tantalizing Inspiration For Figure Skaters - Jayson Sutcliffe Video

    23 months ago

    Here is proof that triple jumps can be done on ice, quad, and pic skates. Take a look at Jayson Sutcliffe, Australian champ right here.

  • 4

    Skating Etiquette

    17 months ago

    Intended for those of all skating levels, these are some things to avoid so that you get the most enjoyable experience while ice or roller skating.

  • 13

    10 Ways Telemarketers Disrespect You

    14 months ago

    There are many ways to tell if a telemarketer is honest or not, read then ten offenses to see if you're dealing with a crook.

  • 14

    Typical Figure Skating Expenses

    6 months ago

    Get into figure skating and go in prepared. Learn more about typical figure skating expenses for various levels of the sport.

  • 16

    If It Sounds Too Good To Be True

    10 months ago

    If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Don't fall victim to offers that take automatic payments for worthless products and programs.

  • 24

    Low Cost Home Security Tips

    6 months ago

    Secure your home with free and low cost tips. Crooks can make quick work of getting in, even during broad daylight in the best of neighborhoods. At night it is very easy to see inside a home with even the faintest of...

  • 25

    Five Reasons To Not Rely On One Income

    6 months ago

    Thought provoking reasons that you should not get too complacent with the income from your job. How to create streams of income. Think about your future and plan for it.

  • 18

    Adult Relational Aggression

    8 days ago

    Relational aggression is emotional abuse that attacks a person in sly and manipulative ways. Long considered young girls territory, it is often used by men and women in a variety of settings causing negative and lasting...

  • 21

    Rabbits Make Good Pets

    15 months ago

    Quiet, warm, and furry, rabbits can be a good choice when looking for a pet. Learn how to select the perfect rabbit and bunny habitat for your new rabbit.

  • 4

    Things To Do In Virginia Beach

    6 months ago

    Virginia Beach, Virginia is a fun and affordable vacation or weekend getaway. It is a short drive or flight from many areas of the east coast and neighboring states.

  • 4

    Figure Skating Tricks For The Beginner

    6 months ago

    Easy ice skating tricks for the beginning skater of any age. Learn how to skate backwards, do the bunny hop, or shoot the duck.

  • 12

    How To Ice Skate For The First Time

    23 months ago

    No matter how young or old you are, you can ice skate if you are in good health. Learn what you should wear, how to do a couple of basic moves, how to get up from a fall, and more.

  • 16

    How Dad's Alcoholism Affected Me

    36 hours ago

    Alcoholism affects many more people than the alcoholic. In the case of my dad, I had to watch him lose his independence, something he highly valued, and die a painful death.

  • 3

    Get Swimsuit Ready In Winter

    5 months ago

    Learn how to lose weight in time for swimsuit season. Increased activity and a little strength training will give you a boost in energy, lift your mood, and decrease the number on the scale & tape.

  • 12

    Avoid Renting An Apartment That You'll Hate

    22 months ago

    Learn what to look for on your next apartment search and what to run away from. Find out if your landlord or their agents are rude to tenants online and off because this is how they will treat you.

  • 13

    How To Dodge Telemarketers Tricks & Traps

    3 months ago

    They call you at all hours under the guise of a sweepstakes, survey, or delivery of an order you made but they make sure you can't call them from the number they called from. Spoofed caller ID info and flat out lies are...

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